Imagine Lands is a world full of Heroism, Fury and Battle! Along with some fun and laughter of course.
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 The Rules Of This Realm.

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The Rules Of This Realm. Empty
PostSubject: The Rules Of This Realm.   The Rules Of This Realm. EmptyMon Nov 09, 2009 6:54 pm

1 - Respect all members of staff. They are only here to help you. Respect members also.

2 - Swearing is permitted in small quantities. I want to bring in the realism. For example, you don't fall into a bush of stingy nettles and say 'Oh bugger me my ol' codjer. That darn well hurt.' So I am allowing swearing. This does NOT mean, go around the board swearing until your fingers are blue in the nails.

3 - Proper spelling and Grammer. Please make every care to spell your words correctly. Proof check if you must. And please make sure your grammer is correct as well. 'Texting language' [EG: Hi peepz ma gf jst went 2 da shop 2 get sum fags, c u l8er. ] No. Don't do it.

4 - Make sure your post in any RP is of sufficient standard. This means description, speech, environment etc. NO ONE LINERS. I can't stress this enough. If you are caught doing a one liner, you will be asked to change it. Another one, you will get a warn.

5 - When you have read the rules, PM me telling me you have done so. I have record of all the people who have visited the thread, so don't lie.

6 - Don't Spam. Don't multi post on anything. If you forget to type something, then edit your post. DON'T post a new post. Do not spam on the chat-box, two or three sentences is fine, but doing this:

[Person] - Hi guys
[Person] - When I went out
[Person] - I got stopped by the police
[Person] - And they said...
[Person] - "Don't spam the chatbox"
[Person] - I cried

You will be warned to stop, if you carry on, you will get an official warning.

7 - Trolling/Flaming etc- All of this is a way to purposefully annoy or upset other users of the forum. If you are caught doing it, you will be insta-suspended for 7 days.

8 - Be sure not to post your details to people. Only do it if you trust the person.

9 - Pornography. We have a ZERO tolerance policy on any nude pictures. If you are caught posting nude on the forum, you will get a warn. If you are caught posting Child pornography, you will be insta-banned. You IP address will be block, your e-mail will be blocked. If you come back, then we will block you again, and again. Blocking you constantly, doesn't bother me.

10. Cybering. This is a 'Hell no' rule. Don't do it. If you want to cyber, that is what Gaia is for. Go there. If you don't know what cybering is, ask a mod or admin. Instant warnings for anyone caught doing it.

11. Advertising. Advertising your own site or forum is strictly prohibited anywhere on the forum. If you want it advertised, you may purchase an advertisement box on the portal for £5.00 GBP or you can PM me, asking for an affiliation. Anyone found to be advertising their or a friends site/forum will be warned. Again, then a written warning. A third time, then you will be suspended. Posting links to things like YouTube is allowed as long as it isn't breaking rule 6.

Rules are constantly updated, if you find something that isn't here and should be. PM me.
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The Rules Of This Realm.
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