Imagine Lands is a world full of Heroism, Fury and Battle! Along with some fun and laughter of course.
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 General Market Stall.

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General Market Stall. Empty
PostSubject: General Market Stall.   General Market Stall. EmptyMon Nov 16, 2009 6:04 pm

Roll up! Roll up! your needs here!

And what will you be having today then?


Lord - 2000 gold
Lady - 2000 gold
Baron - 2500 gold
Baroness - 2500 gold
The Avenger - 1250 gold
The Smiter - 1250 gold
Tramp - 700 gold
Tit - 200 gold


Arαєηιѕ' blow up Banhammer - 2000 gold (ONLY ONE IN STOCK!) [Size may vary. Arαєηιѕ' blow up Banhammer only works once and for one day.]
Imagine Lands novelty teddy bear - 70 gold
Zombie Action Figure - 30 gold
Spaceman Action Figure - 30 gold
Sorcerer Action Figure - 30 gold
Vampire Action Figure - 30 gold
Werewolf Action Figure - 30 gold

Not have what your looking for, you say? Well, I shall be getting more stock sharpish, so keep coming back!
And if you can't be asked to walk the way down here, then check the calender for your needs!
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General Market Stall.
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