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 Stired In Shadows

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PostSubject: Stired In Shadows   Stired In Shadows EmptyFri Nov 20, 2009 8:25 pm

There are things. Things children see that, as adults we ignored as children tales. We tell them horrible tales about these creatures though. Close your eyes and the boogeyman won't get you. Yet the children will always see in the corner of their eye their boogeyman. The boogeymen are out there. The boogeymen designed only to ever scare that child.
Boogeymen were designed. I know that now. I know that because I have seen the many boogeymen standing at the corners of their street looking at their children.
I always assumed I was merely crazy. I guess that's how I became a volunteer at a psychiatric ward. Helping out the many patients. Of course there was always just one that made me wonder a little more. He would always stand by the windows, to afraid to move anywhere else. He would whisper under his breathe, "Gotta run...gotta run"
He'd tried it several times. Tried running, till the security guards chased him down. I always wanted to talk to him. When I did get the chance, is when I became a criminal I think.
"You can see them" he said.
I looked to the corners of the room, the many boogeymen clogged together in the corner. Waiting for the other patients to slip into their psychotic minds and dreams. I didn't doubt they existed. I could always sense their breathe on me.
"Yes," I remember truthfully saying.
Did that make my crazy to actually announce that I knew they existed? The manifestations of our negativity.
"They are hunting me," he said, "I only stay here, unless I know I can can help me run."
"I can't it's illegal," I replied, "I have to be a guardian or a family member."
"It isn't crazy when you know what they could do to me," he replied, "I am a know their thoughts, their religions, their thoughts about me....they need mediums."
I didn't know whether or not to trust him. I knew the stories. The stories of mediums dying. I always saw the many boogeymen harvesting the bodies soul to their world. I didn't know whether or not he was truly a medium or if he was truly just crazy. All I knew was his young voice was full of fright and he kept looking at the creatures. No one had the idea of trying to move him to a room. And they gave up on his many ways of running away. This was when I made a decision one day.
"I'll help you run," I said.
"You will, but'll be hunted," he said.
"I know," I said, "Truthfully...I was always hunted."
"Can't stay for longer in one place," he said, "I'm Perry."
"I know you are," I said.
"And I know you're George,"

We ran that night. We ran. And I became a criminal. Not only to society, but to the world of the boogeymen. We are now being hunted. We travel wherever we can to meet up with those who are also hunted. Most people aren't mediums or fortune tellers. Just regular people. Regular people who had a unique intuition.


Name: First and Last

Age: 20+

Gender: Male or Female

Appearance: Picture or description or both

Personality: How do you behave

Occupation: Not to many medium so or people with those kind of powers

History: Give us some of your abilities

Boogeyman: Give yourself a boogeyman that always haunts and hunts you down. This boogeyman is unique to you. He is your shadow ever since you were born. And each of your own boogeymen can replicate themselves.

Location: Las Vegas, Washington DC, New York, or Chicago

We'll be starting the game in Las Vegas, but there will always be plenty of places we will be visiting to run.

I need someone to play a man named David Welts and a man to play Micheal Cross. These men are important because they have a backstory to my character Perry.
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Stired In Shadows
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