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 The Cities.

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The Cities. Empty
PostSubject: The Cities.   The Cities. EmptyFri Dec 11, 2009 10:58 pm

In the Nation-State of Tulara, the 2nd largest, part of the country Lacsizta, there are various distinct cities. Each city is considered a sector by The Country, who pays little to no attention to such, and lets them support themselves and tax them.

Furthermore, The Country is in turmoil, with constant civil wars and declaring war on everyone else to gain resources. As so, the cities must defend and fund themselves. Some wish to rise against the country and attack hard from within, while others want to attempt to democratically unite it.

Either way, each city is very peculiar and has it's own distinct population that shares different lifestyles and cultures in genera.

City/Character sheets:

City Name-
Size- (Small (7 zones), Medium (14 zones), Large (21 zones))
Population- (2,000-10,000 (small) 11,000-19,000 (medium) 20,000+ (large))
Military Zones- (Divide the zones from the city size)
Industrial Zones- (Divide the zones from the city size)
Commercial Zones- (Divide the zones from the city size)
Agricultural/Goods Zones- (Divide the zones from the city size)
Location- (Desert, Coast, Plains, Mountains, Island, Underwater, etc)
M-Point Income- (List zone points total you get per post)
I-Point Income- (List zone points total you get per post)
Agricultural/Goods Income- (List zone money total available if trade agreements in place)
Currency Income- (list $ you get per post)
Goods- (What does your city offer for export?)

Can have up to 10 characters.
Appearance- (desc. or pic)
Position- (civillian, citizen, mayor, banker, etc. What do they do in their daily life?)

Each zone does a function. Zones can be converted once every 5 IC post. Their + bonuses are supplied every lengthy (2 paragraph, 5 sentences each) IC post.

Military Zone- gives +2 military strength per post. More military strength, less income, but more ability to fight. Military points can be used to invade cities as is, or applied to vehicles/war-machines. -200 income from Commercial Zones each. A military point- if not used on a war-machine/vehicle- is defaulted to a power of 1. If applied to a vehicle/war-machine, it gives a power of 2.
Good- Gives the ability to conquer smaller cities.
Bad- decreases income.

Industrial Zone- gives +5 production point per post. A production point can be used to produce vehicles and machines of war. Some machines/vehicles require more or less production points. -100 income from Commercial Zones each.
Good- Gives the ability to construct machines of war and vehicles to transport goods.
Bad- decreases income.

Commercial Zones- provides finances for the treasury. Gives +1 commercial point. Every point gives +1000 currency per post.
Good- $
Bad- takes space that could be used for production and military power.

Agricultural/Goods Zones- produces goods and food to feed the people and to export for further income via trade agreements. Gives +500 per zone with a trade agreement to another city.
Good- additional funds.
Bad- requires vehicles to transport goods (use of production points).

The Town Hall is the center of power where the mayor or council (etc) presides. It is also responsible for trade agreements and creating treaties or declaring war.

The Treasury holds any and all currency in the city that is owned by the local government. Normally a small city has less expenses, and a large one has more. Large ones are also more militarized and thus have larger expenses.

Vehicles. Each 'power' is the ability to take out a target. If a vehicle with the power of 2 attacks a target with the power of 1, it wins. Vehicles working together add up their power.

Tank- 1 military point, 2 production point. Power- 4

Light Aircraft- 1 military point, 1 production point. Power- 3
Heavy Aircraft- 2 military point, 2 production point. Power- 6
Bomber- 3 military point, 4 production point. Power- 10

Destroyer- 2 military point, 3 production point. Power- 7
Cruiser- 3 military point, 3 production point. Power- 9
Battleship- 4 military point, 4 production point. Power- 12
Carrier- 1 military point, 1 production point. Power- 3. Can produce light aircraft 2 for 1 production point and 1 military point, each giving 3 power.

Submarine- 1 military point, 1 production point. Power- 3
U-Destroyer- 2 military point, 5 production point. Power- 9
U-Battleship- 3 military point, 6 production point. Power- 12.

Delivery Truck- 2 production point. Power- 0
Transports goods. Required for trade agreements. Must have 1 truck per agreement.

In the beginning, each city has 20 M-points and 30 P-points to construct war-machines.
City Name- Aquaterria
Size- Medium
Population- 14,597
Military Zones- 4 (-800c/turn)
Industrial Zones- 4 (-400c/turn)
Commercial Zones- 5 (+5000c/turn)
Agricultural/Goods Zones- 1
Location- Under-Water
M-Point Income- 4 points/post.
I-Point Income- 4 points/post.
Agricultural/Goods Income- 500c/post w/agreement.
Currency Income- 3,800c
Goods- Fish, seaweed, sulfur, coral, sponge.

5 Submarines;
2 U-Destroyer;
1 U-Battleship;
8 light aircraft;

Starting Power- 69.

Name- Jabior Blake
Age- 97
Appearance- 5'4", thin- 120lbs, white thick hair, slight mustache, frail build, grey eyes.
Position- Designer of under-water city.
History- The lead designer of the under-water city 60 years ago. Now, he is the head advisor to the council.

Name- Dana VanBruggin
Age- 17
Appearance- Slim, 5'7", 150 lbs, red hair, brown eyes.
Position- Civilian.
History- Born and raised in Aquaterria, she seeks adventure from the boring lifestyle in the form of dolphin-racing.

Name- Jericho Navis
Age- 35
Appearance- Military-cut brown hair, 5'11", thick muscular build, 193 lbs, blue eyes.
Position- Military; 1st officer.
History- Transferred to Aquaterria, he is the 1st officer of the flagship of the defense force, the Battleship.

Name- JL.
Age- 40
Appearance- Scraggly, bald, brown eyes, 5'7", 100 lbs.
Position- Scandal/Beggar/Pan-handler.
History- Born into a middle class family he failed at shcool and never found a decent job. Now, he lives the life of wealth at night and beggar at day to avoid taxes.

Name- Irith Ever.
Age- 20
Appearance- 6'0", 200 lbs, tall/skinny/muscular build, dirty blonde hair, blue/grey eyes.
Position- Boyfriend/Over-achiever.
History- The typical over achiever at school, he is the quarterback of the egg-ball team and captain of the chess club, drama club, and teacher assistant in everything else, and host the dolphin races while fixing them to earn a shiny penny for his girlfriend, Dana.
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The Cities.
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