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 In the Land of Xanthos

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In the  Land of Xanthos Empty
PostSubject: In the Land of Xanthos   In the  Land of Xanthos EmptyFri Jan 15, 2010 8:05 pm

In the land of Xanthos evil reins and takes over the innocent peoples' souls. Ghouls walk with innocent ghost taken over by their master. The king of undead, Fluffy McFluffersburger III, yes we know Fluffy McFluffersburger III is the king of the undead; the name couldn't have gotten more ridiculous. But it makes us all wonder what really made him evil, because before this he was a scientist working to cure deadly illnesses next thing we know evil guy named Fluffy, the citizens of Xanthos (that know what is going on not the ones that have no clue about the evil lord stuff what so ever) all wonder if it was a lab test gone horribly wrong, or his name.
Your job is to stop the evil lord in any way you possibly can you will live a 'normal' life like nothing is going on around commoners(the ones that don't know what's going on), but secretly fight against the The Evil Lord and The Bane. Yes why didn't I mention this before? I did not mention it because The Bane is almost invincible; it lives trapped under the town by the silver gates. Only the key could open those gates and set the creature free in the town of Xanthos to torture defenseless innocent people. The Bane will literally smash you until you resemble some what of a pancake if you do not give it what it wants which is blood.
The first feeding allows it to get in your head no matter where you are. The second feeding allows it to see and hear what you see and hear. The third feeding and you will start fainting and doing things that you can't rember and by things I mean evil deeds. The fourth feeding and you belong to the bane your body, your soul, everything. But here's the catch it grants you a wish with each feeding. The bane is weak but can shape shift right now do not be deiced by it I will warn you but even when you haven’t given blood it can still get in side your head. The Bane will drive you out of your mind if it wants to, so heed this warning.
The Bane needs to be stabbed through the heart with a pure silver stake to be killed. But The Bane may kill you first because it is known for umm lets just say the word "pancake" comes to mind.

Rules and what not:
Don't god mod, power play (take control of others characters)
The Bane and Evil Lord are controlled by every one
Do not go around yelling "The Bane is going to kills us!" the others will be like okay then there is no such things as a Bane and that guy is psycho.
Do not cuss every other sentence.
This is placed in the middle ages no electronics.
You may have a few animals just don't make the entire thing about them.
No one liners it is much more interesting if you post more than one line and give us something more to reply to even if it is an observation of something insignificant.
Knight- a guard in the royal army your job is to " fight for peace and justice"
Doctor- Your job is to heal wounds and illness
Scientist- you research things and invent new things
Commoners - your pick as what ever you want as a job as long as it's not a Knight, Doctor, or Scientist.
Slayer- a specially trained person to kill abnormal creatures like the Bane .
Poppy petals- makes patients unconscious
Leeches-suck out bad blood
Walnut leaf-can be used to wash face and helps prevent pimples
Blood wort-helps get rid of fevers
Fenugreek seeds-when boiled in water the gargled with it helps rid you of sore throats.
Celery- helps ease pain in elderly peoples joints.

Slayer's tools
Silver chain- used to bind dark creatures so that they can not move you have to throw it so that it falls in a spiral and lands on the beast.

Silver Dagger/knife- if you stab a demon any where with this oit will cause it much pain but if you hit the right place the demon is no lonmger much of a demon

Silver particles mixed with water dried milk and bone marrow-the silver particles should be mixed with all of these substances after digging a hole so that it may come to the consistency of glue then line every inch of the pit with it and lure the Bogart witch or and creature that goes bump in the night in and lower the stone on to it quickly and of course you have to have the mixture on the bottom of the stone to.

The land of Xanthos their ruler he has been missing for months now. Most of the citizens who have no clue about what a Bane is and that it is under the town probably don't know that it is under the town and that it him. His wife has raised taxes so we cannot buy more than what we need, and is frankly not using it for the good of the land.
Character sheet
Rank-Knight, doctor, Scientist, commoner
Job - what they do for a living
looks- what dose your character look like
Biography-what has happened to your character(s)
self defense- what type of weapon dose your character use?
my character
Name-Eliza O’Connor
Rank-commoner (knows about bane and Fluffy)
Job - Bartender
looks- athletic, long brown hair with high lights running through it and loose curls, and deep brown eyes.
Biography-Her father was the town drunk, her mother ran away soon after she turned 3. Eliza learned to fend for her self and to deal cards while she was at it. She was never much for gossip but always knows what is going on. Her father died when she reached the age of seven-teen at which point she lived on her own with her loyal companion Cesar an dapple gray Arabian horse that she raised. She had gotten Caesar for free when she worked as a stable hand because his mother died at foal birth and the breeder took one look at him knowing he was born early and since he was too weak to stand up said she could have him since the foal was a goner any way (the breeder was wrong). Eliza is more of the quiet people whom seldom tries to get into fights, three of her best friends had died in less than a week apart from her fathers death leaving her with almost nothing accept a horse and a small home.
self defense- a set of hidden silver daggers and stakes

I looked up from the bar I was cleaning it was nearly dawn closing time no one was here but me. The dark night sky was lightening a bit. I yawned and put the rag down, then turned to used pint and shot glasses. I started washing them until every thing was done and I could leave. By now the sun had to be rising, I let out a long yawn and blew out the candles. I then walked to the door and switched signs to sorry, come back later. Then I closed the door and locked it behind me as I pulled my cloak on. Caesar was still tied to the post where I left him. I tiredly mounted him and rode off home. I took a right off of the main rode and kept riding until I saw my little house, it was 2 story with four rooms not counting the attic and cellar. The pastures were waiting for Caesar and he knew it. All I knew at the moment was as soon as I untacked him, gave him water, and oats I would go to sleep. The summer breeze chilled me a bit so I hugged the cloak a bit closer to me. We trotted up to the front gate were I sleepily unmounted him and led him into the pasture, where I untacked him. I put the tack away in the empty stall next to his and grabbed the oats and filled his oat trough with them, then went out to the creek and filled a bucket of water and brought it to him. I locked the pasture gate and stepped in to the large hut I called a house and slunk off to my "bed" which consist of two large quilts for padding and a quilt or light blanket for heat.
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In the Land of Xanthos
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